Green Treasure of Peacefulness and Enjoyment

Follow these steps and help us protect our green treasure of peacefulness and enjoyment.


Pristine nature invites you to explore its liveliness and diversity. Respond with respect.

Research the destination before your trip. Lear about life in the Polhov Gradec Hills and their cultural and natural heritage to connect with the local community.

Be reminded of your visit to Count Blagaj's land by photographs, not by symbols of our protected natural environment. Daphne blagayana, which grows in the Polhov Gradec area, has been protected since 1898 and it is forbidden to pick the flower.

Ask for permission before taking photographs of other people.



Use public transportation and guard our green and healthy nature.

Clean water is our pride. Use it economically.

Reduce your energy consumption and put away your electronic devices.

Your selected green destination is home for the local people. Keep it clean. Reduce waste if possible and recycle.



Buy local products and encourage local economy by paying a fair price.

Hire local guides and discover the authenticity of our valley in their company.

Eat local food.  When visiting the hilly suburbs of Ljubljana do not forget to taste our traditional dishes. Have you ever tried beans with dried apple wedges?

Provide honest reviews about your travel experiences and endorse further development of tourism in the Polhov Gradec area.

Green Treasure of Peacefulness and Enjoyment