Restavratorstvo Kavčič

Carving and Gilding Workshop

Reviving the images of the past - become a master restorer

How lovely is the patina of the past that enriches objects with stories of decades, centuries and even millenia. Why, therefore, would one want to continually buy new objects when old ones are so valuable? At the Kavčič Restoration Workshop in Šentjošt you can try your hand at a carving and gilding restoration workshop and experience one of the most authentic ways of preserving the precious past. You will learn about basic restoration procedures, which restore old items to their former state, and the material and tools used. Of course, you will also get down to work and try your hand at various restoration processes, from the application of pure gold to colouring, and you will also create your own unique souvenir to take home.

Restavratorstvo Kavčič d.o.o.
(Kavčič Restoration Workshop)
Šentjošt nad Horjulom 13a
1354 Horjul

Transport options: by car or by bus (scheduled bus route Ljubljana – Šentjošt, route number 56, timetable here) 

- every Wednesday and Friday from 3 pm
- last booking date is two days in advance, last cancellation day is one day in advance 

- 2 to 4 people: €50 per person
- 5 to 10 people: €40 per person

- number of people: 2 to 10
- recommended minumum age: from age 7 upwards
- duration: 2 to 3 hours
- languages spoken: Slovenian, English and Spanish
- programme content: tour of the restoration workshop, demonstration of the main processes, tools and materials, practical work including materials under the guidance of a restorer – a wooden board which you can take home
- equipment required: snack

Restavratorstvo Kavčič d.o.o.
+386 (0)51 346 812 (Fani Oražem)