Peter Irman

Culinary Experiences in Polhov Gradec

In the Polhov Gradec 'Dolomites', the hilly suburbs of Ljubljana, unique local stories are combined together with stories of goodies from 'Blagaj's Land'. The goodies, which are known collectively as 'A Wealth of Goodies from Blagaj's Land', can be experienced by visiting local homesteads, tasted as prepared by top chefs, rooted out from the past, and admired on flowering meadows in the embrace of forests. Blagaj's Land is a destination that features numerous authentic stories: a family dairy where you can taste excellent products made from goat's milk; a family restaurant where local and seasonal ingredients are key in the culinary creations of one of Slovenia's best chefs; a house of honey where for over 30 years one of Slovenia's most highly praised honey has been produced; the mansion where visitors can immerse themselves in the past and, over a cup of homemade herbal tea, chat with the distinguished Count Blagaj – the most noble of the Polhov Gradec lords of the manor. A wealth of local experiences!

Culinary experiences of Polhov Gradec will take you to Orešnik Dairy, Gostišče Grič, Božnar House of Honey and Tea with Count Blagaj. At the end, you will recieve 'A Wealth of Goodies from Blagaj's Land'.

- every Friday at 10am

- number of participants: 2 to 8
- duration: full-day experience, 8 hours
- languages spoken: Slovenian and English
- programme content: transport and guiding, programme and entertainment, food and drink (tasting of goat's milk products, lunch, tasting menu, tea party), a 'Wealth of Goodies from Blagaj's Land'

Individual visits may also be arranged without organised transport and guiding.

Polhograjska Gradec Mansion:
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