Arhiv Občine Dobrova-Polhov Gradec

Bread Baking Workshop

Bake bread in a traditional way - in a clay oven

Have you ever torn off a piece of bread with a crispy crust that has just been baked in a clay oven? Have you ever mixed, kneaded and baked your own bread – the way that our mothers and grandmothers did? In the midst of the rolling hillocks of the Polhov Gradec hills, there is a solitary farm where the lady of the house still bakes fresh bread in a traditional way in a clay oven. The master baker will greet you warmly and welcome you into her warm room with an oven, where you will together mix and bake your own loaf of crusty bread. And there are some other delicious homemade goods too… A culinary treat where you will not only enjoy tasting local products but will also prepare them yourself!

The Na Prosenov Farm
Črni Vrh 24
1355 Polhov Gradec

Transport options: by car

- year-round on Saturdays
- last booking date is three days in advance, last cancellation day is one day in advance by noon

- €30 per person

- number of people: 2 to 8
- recommended minumum age: no age limit
- duration: 4 hours
- languages spoken: Slovenian, English and Croatian
- programme content: bread baking workshops, snack, gift of 'A Wealth of Goodies from Blagaj's Land (homemade bread and a surprise from the home pantry)

Marija Končan
+386 (0)31 526 543