Božnar House of Honey

Experience Slovenian Apiculture and Honey

Did you know that bees must collect nectar from over a million flowers in order to make one kilogramme of pure honey? If this was to be done by just one single bee, it would have to fly the equivalent of seven times around the Earth! Do you know the difference between different types of honey? Did you know that it is necessary to add honey to bread, cakes and biscuits if you want them to turn golden during baking? At the Božnar House of Honey, a family-run beekeeping practice with a 30-year tradition of producing honey and honey products, you will find out everything about bees, Slovenian beekeeping, honey, and products refined from it. You will have the chance to experience the everyday liveliness of a beehive, recognise the smell of different types of honey, and taste some delicious honey products. And you will find out why honey has long since been considered the food of Gods!

Božnar House of Honey
Polhov Gradec 72
1355 Polhov Gradec

Transport options: by car or by bus (scheduled bus route Ljubljana – Polhov Gradec, route number 51, timetable here)

- year-round, upon prior arrangement (book at least two days in advance, latest cancellation date is one day in advance)

- up to 10 people: €50 per group
- over 10 people: €5 per person
- see bees up close in the observation hive: €2 per person (only available during the beekeeping season)

- number of people: 3 to 50
- recommended minimum age: from age 4 upwards
- duration: 1.5 hours
- languages spoken: Slovenian, English and German
- programme content: Presentation of beekeeping and bee products, tastings of honey and honey products, making a candle from beeswax. See bees up close in the observation hive (during the beekeeping season only).
- restrictions: the experience includes tastings of honey and honey products, therefore please ensure you notify the organiser at the time of booking of any special dietary requirements

+386 (0)41 718 752