Vid Klančar

Painting Frescoes

Become a travellling fresco painter for a day

How many times have you admired the frescoes in churches and castles or on the facades of townhouses? In Šentjošt you have the opportunity to turn from being an observer to a creator of these historical painting techniques. Try your hand at painting frescoes using the same method and the same materials as used by medieval artists throughout Europe, ancients in Pompeii or Egyptians in old Egypt. You can create your own fresco or perhaps even try to recreate one of your favourites that impressed you while visiting Slovenia's churches or castles. You will become familiar with the simple and natural technique of painting, which brought travelling artists here 600 years ago from Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy. You too can become a travelling fresco artist!

Restoration Workshop
Šentjošt nad Horjulom
Transport options: by car or by bus (scheduled bus route Ljubljana – Šentjošt, route number 56, timetable here) 

- year-round, mornings or afternoon
- last booking date is two days in advance, last cancellation day is one day in advance 

- 2 to 4 people: €50 per person
- 5 to 10 people: €40 per person

- number of people: 2 to 10
- recommended minumum age: from age 7 upwards
- duration: 5 hours
- languages spoken: Slovenian, English and Croatian
- programme content: tour of a restoration workshops, demonstration of the main methods, tools and materials, practical work and materials under the guidance of a professional restorer, painting a frescoe
- equipment required: work overalls or a t-shirt are recommended 

Vid and Anita Klančar
+386 (0)41 338 927