Personal Data Protection Policy

Thank you for visiting our website. Protection of your personal data is our priority. Alongside providing quality content, we also give you the right to decide how your personal data is used. This policy applies to collecting, storing and processing data. The collected data is managed by The Municipality of Dobrova - Polhov Gradec and JZ Polhograjska graščina. They can be contacted by e-mail at

As a user of the website, you consent to collecting, storing and using your personal data, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Categories of Personal Data:
The website collects the following personal data:
- e-mail,
- name and surname,
- telephone number,
- comments.

Data Processing:
Collected personal data will be used for:
- communicating with the users of the website,
- sending e-news, articles and notifications via e-mail,
- marketing through e-mail, the website, telephone and mobile applications,
- personalizing content.

When sending out e-mails, information is gathered about whether an e-mail and the included link were opened. The number of views of the website is also observed. For better directed offers and personalization of messages, the collected personal data is processed, analyzed and profiled. The activity on the website is examined in order to measure the users' interest.

Duration of Data Storage:
Personal data is stored indefinitely or until the user withdraws their permission to store and process the information. In this case, the personal data is immediately deleted. In case the company ceases to carry out the activities written above, all collected personal data will be immediately and permanently deleted.

Personal Data Protection:
Protection of personal data is carried out in accordance with The Personal Data Protection Act and the company's internal legal acts. Personal data is protected within the framework of organizational and technical procedures and measures to prevent unauthorized transmitting or revealing of the data.

Users' Rights:
In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, users of the website must be given on demand:
- a confirmation whether their personal data has been processed or not,
- a chance to inspect their collected personal data,
- a copy of their collected personal data from the system,
- a chance to correct or complete their personal information,
- a chance to partially or completely delete their personal data from the website,
- a chance to transfer their personal data to a different provider of similar services,
- a chance to partially or completely withdraw the permission to process their personal data. The decision will be executed in 15 working days at the latest.

If the user of the website suspects any violation of their rights concerning their personal data, they can file a complaint to the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia. Every user can unsubscribe from receiving news and other e-mails from the website by clicking ''unsubscribe'' at the bottom of an e-mail sent from the website, or by sending an e-mail to

Contracted Processors and Storage
The company as the data controller can transfer the personal data to a contracted processor, which must be regulated by a written contract. Contracted processor must act under the instructions of the company and ensure protection of personal data used for CRM, e-mail marketing system and the system for marketing automatization. Data is stored in the EU and may not be transferred outside the EU. The company can transfer the personal data to digital marketing platforms (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and similar) and use their cookies, which enable it to design certain features, show targeted advertisements and marketing. The user thus receives more relevant advertisements. For this, data can be transferred to a contracted processor outside of EU.

Cookie Policy:
As a user of this website, you agree that cookies may be stored on your device. The following cookies ensure that all features of the website function correctly:
- Google Analytics Cookies for monitoring statistics,
- Facebook Cookies for marketing,
- and Google Cookies for marketing.
Cookies also enable that certain content on the website or applications functions adapt depending on the user's choices or the characteristics of his device. Cookies for monitoring statistics improve the functioning of the website. 

Instructions for managing cookies in different browsers:
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Legal Disclaimer:
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