Tomo Jeseničnik

Wealth of Goodies from Blagaj's Land

A Wealth of Goodies from Blagaj's Land is a unique arrangement of local products.

The Wealth of Goodies from Blagaj's Land is a unique food souvenir consisting of products made at local farms using traditional methods. The bundle includes goat's milk cheese made at the Orešnik cheese farm, Noj - Tomi ostrich salami made in Butajnova, a Blagay honey cookie, honey bread, and chocolate with bee pollen from the Božnar House of Honey, and home-made bread baked by Ms. Marija Končan. Also included are disposable wooden cutlery and a napkin. You can order either lunch bundles or catering based on the delights of Count Blagay's Land.  

10,00 €/per person 
When you order 20 bundles or more. For smaller groups and other changes, the prices change. Drinks are not included in the offer. All dishes are locally produced in small quantities, following traditional methods. Therefore ordering at least 3 days in advance is preferred.

Božnar House of Honey 
Polhov Gradec 72
1355 Polhov Gradec
+386 (0)31 718 752