The Church of St. Nicholas

The little village of Dvor is situated on a slight elevation above the river Gradaščica. Its houses, few in number, are packed tightly around two little churches: the Church of St. Nicholas, which is the smaller of the two and has older foundations, and the 16th century Church of St. Peter, one of Slovenia's most beautiful late Gothic churches. According to tradition, the Church of St. Peter was built by the gentry of Polhov Gradec, which is confirmed by the coats of arms of the Thurn and Khisl families depicted on the plaques above the main and north entrances to the church. The simple interior features a wooden ceiling whose ornamentation imitates Gothic arches, two Renaissance-style stone baldachins, and reliefs adorning the lofts where the gentry used to seat during services. The construction of the church began in 1525 and its consecration took place in 1613. A story goes that when the then Bishop of Ljubljana, Tomaž Hren, first saw the church, he was speechless for a moment and then he exclaimed: »Magnifica!«